McPhee Security Consulting was recommended to me to assist with an ongoing and complicated security threat that threatened the well being of my young family. I have had exposure to many individuals who work in security and personal protection during several years of business travel in volatile parts of the world. I can say with complete confidence that Ray is an example for others in this profession to follow. He embodies the very best qualities you would expect from an experienced security consultant; vigilant, thorough, knowledgeable, and focused on delivering a service that assures his clients that their situation is being handled with the greatest care possible. I only have praise for Ray and how he went so far out of his way to understand and respond to our unique needs. I consider myself very fortunate to have had him on our side during this challenging chapter in our lives, and one recommends his services without any hesitation whatsoever.

Gordon F., Calgary

Following the bombings of the United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the U.S. State Department took steps to increase the security of embassy personnel worldwide. In Calgary, the U.S. Consulate General was authorized to employ a team of security professionals to assist the Regional Security Officer, who is based in Vancouver. The Consulate General staff selected Ray L. McPhee to hire, train, and manage that team as its leader.
Mr. McPhee was hired on March 6, 2000. He immediately began the process of recruiting, hiring and training seven people to begin operations in Calgary. With the assistance of the local contractor, Mr. McPhee also procured the necessary equipment to enable the team to perform its duties.
On January 2, 2001, Mr. McPhee tendered his resignation for personal reasons. His professionalism and dedication continued until his departure on January 17. In the time that I knew him, I found Mr. McPhee to be conscientious in the performance of his duties, and I was quite satisfied with the quality of his work.
I wish Ray success in his future endeavours and I would happily consider him again to fill any job for which he feels qualified.

Kirby D. Nelson, Vice Consul, United States Consulate, Calgary

Ray McPhee has been working with our son Leighton for over a year now. During this time, Ray has helped to build a very nice relationship with our son. Ray has been a wise and trusted guide.
Ray has taken Leighton into Calgary several times going to places like the Speed Skating Oval, taking bike rides across the Peace Bridge and learning all about the C Train and rapid transit connections.
Leighton has grown and matured mentally and emotionally a lot with the help from Ray. Not only has Ray been a terrific Community Support Worker, but he has shown Leighton what it is like to have an honest friend.
If you require any further clarification, please feel free to contact us at (403) 249-1490.

Debra Vogel, Calgary

Ray McPhee has been a contractor for Safe4Life Personal Safety Training in the role of Lead Facilitator and Co-Lead Facilitator, and Padded Attacker. His duties and responsibilities have been to engage with and lead a class of up to 25 participants in the area of Self Defence and Personal Safety. He has been part of many classes for young children, teens and adults. Ray has eagerly and enthusiastically taken on the various roles within Safe4Life —he has been available and willing to work with short notice, he shows initiative and creativity with the instruction, and adapts quickly and easily to changing pace and participant needs as required. He is able to think on his feet and manage a crowd in an effective and proactive manner. He has been a favorite team member of mine, and I would recommend him for any role that he wishes to take on!

Lorna Selig, Calgary

I have had the pleasure of contracting Ray McPhee in the capacity of a professional facilitator since November 2010. Below please find the areas of expertise Ray brings to our team:
Defensive Tactics Use of Force Safely Managing the Difficult Client — Verbal De-escalation Level I & Level II Personal Safety Programs Safeteen Safekids II Custom built programs
Ray has the expertise and skill sets to work with any client base I have contracted him for. He has an uncommon ability to work with young children, teens as well as professional corporate clients.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a sample list of the clients Ray has worked with, or if you require further information.


Deb deWaal, Calgary

I Have used various support services from Ray McPhee for my son who was diagnosed with autism. I had first met Ray, in 2012, when I was attending a yearly exhibition for all social organizations & government institutions that provide support services to special needs teen when they reach adulthood. I was impressed by his background in security and his track record in supporting children with challenging difficulties.
It was not easy initially for me and especially my wife to accept the idea to entrust our kid to seemingly a “stranger”. But we took that step with Ray and time has proven that our decision couldn’t have been better.
Ray is a caring person that inspires confidence, gentle and strict at the same time with physical strength that only gets deployed in rare cases when required to contain a situation. These qualities were a blessing sent to us as they worked miracles with our son. At the time, our son was only 13 and Ray took him out on regular basis to various social activities to teach and observe him interact with others. He kept taking him out for over a year, to places like skiing at COP, watching a football game, local parks in Calgary, Malls and car dealerships and other places. That year was the most challenging year that we have ever experienced with our son. He was passing through puberty and started noticing girls. He was also fond of food and video games and fancy cars. To understand what it took to properly manage my son, you’d need to understand his challenges. He had different desires racing in his head. He was impulsive and had very weak control over himself and perseveres on his fixations. Add to that, that at the end of that year, he started slowly turning aggressive; initially verbally to eventually physically. With all of the above in consideration, we thought that Ray would quit on our son and we wouldn’t have blamed him if he did but he did not. He believed in our son and that he could be helped.
Eventually, we had to send our son to a group home to get 24×7 attention from specialized staff and since then he has come a long way. He is now 17 years old and Ray kept in touch with us and would occasionally take out our son to special events and wouldn’t accept compensation. My son has a very good memory of Ray and is fond of him and he still calls him occasionally.
Finally, I wouldn’t hesitate a second in strongly recommending Ray to work with kids and adolescents in the wide spectrum of autism. He is exceptionally capable to help them improve their lifestyle and thus help us better connect to them and enjoy the special gifts that they carry.

Kal Sidawi, Calgary

In 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer and Ray was our respite worker. He lovingly and safely took care of our son for many hours during the 4 years while I healed. He took him out into the community and provided much-needed respite care. He was his buddy. He was family support. He was caring and I trusted him.
I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Julie Melo, Calgary

Ray, we are blessed to have to join in on our team over the last number of months. Your support + guidance has been essential in getting us off in the right direction for 2014!

Tina DeSousa, GWLRA, Calgary

We are pleased to follow up the May 8, 2014, BOMA Calgary Excellence Awards with this acknowledgement of the Malcolm Bryce Award. It was a pleasure to recognize you for your outstanding volunteer contribution to BOMA and the industry during the 2013 Flood. Ray, you truly demonstrated excellence and leadership, and you exemplify the spirit of volunteerism through your dedication of time to our association.
Congratulations on receiving this well-deserved award.

William G.R. Partridge, CAE President Et CSO, BOMA Calgary 

Such a positive and empowering experience for everyone. They’re all still talking about it! Everyone is really enthusiastic about it and I’ve heard lots of talk about it, as well as getting their children/families involved in the course. So valuable for everyone – thanks again, they were so great, easy to talk to and not at all intimidating. I was personally really surprised by the response of some that I would have predicted to be very timid, and so very proud of my group overall. So happy to know that there are 17 more women out there that are so much stronger for the experience that yesterday afternoon gave them!

Bev Theissen, Calgary

As a concerned parent, I wanted my daughter to be educated, without fear, on the potential hazards and dangers she could be facing in our society today. I personally observed the program and was amazed at its content and the engagement of these little young minds. The “Safely Home” training program Ray McPhee has developed teaches children in a practical, fun and easy to understand hands-on manner. The children experience real-life scenarios and are trained how to react and respond instinctively. Developing and practicing her “Safety Plan” is just one of the safety awareness and self-defence training methods that children will enjoy participating in. Ray has a wonderful way with the children and they respond with great enthusiasm to is facilitation. It is my belief that every child, teen and adult, should experience this informative and interactive safety training.

Michelle Kieffer, Ontario

I will start by saying that I am not a small man and always believed I could handle anything that came my way but when I took Ray’s personal defense class, I was surprised at the information that I learned. What made this training so great is that not only did Ray present moves for protection that I did not consider, but he also taught us about the differences between males and female physiological and psychological differences, and the difference between being a victim and taking your power back. His high energy and passion for personal safety is very evident and I would definitely go back.

Stacey Anderson, Calgary

I took Ray’s personal defence training course with my daughter and we were both nervous to start; however, once Ray began, he made us feel comfortable and confident. We found the session not only informative but fun and extremely practical. He taught us the necessary moves to use if the need arises and helped us learn safety factors that we would not have even considered. I was most surprised at how the course changed the way my teenage daughter thought after the training. She now notices situations that could cause problems and practices the moves she learned in her head so that she is always prepared. The training has brought confidence to a teenage girl and comfort to a worried mother. I would recommend this course to everyone!

Pina Giuliano, Calgary